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Host Your Event at Chief's

One of the quintessential Chief’s experiences is showing up alone and leaving with a half dozen new friends. But sometimes you just want to gather up those fathers and mothers, sisters and brothers, along with the friends you’ve made and have some room to yourself.

Private Events

Chief’s has ample and versatile space to do exactly that for your private event, whether 12, 200, or 1,200 attendees. The only limit to the kind of experience you can have at Chief’s is your imagination. It’s a different kind of cloth that you’re cut from. So don’t have a typical private event.

Friendly Shadows

Private Dining

If you’ve come to Nashville with five best friends on four bald tires, the Sinners Dining Room is perfect – it has a maximum capacity of ten, so you can enjoy a private space inside the lively Chief’s atmosphere. Your group will eat family-style in a room that feels like you’re at Rodney Scott’s grandmother’s house.

Full Plate of Rodney Scott's BBQ

VIP Services

Our VIP experience will put you just off the stage at Chief’s Tavern, close enough to request your favorite song from that night’s entertainment…but separated from the rest of the crowd in your own VIP area with private service and exclusive access. 

VIP area in Chief's Tavern


Can’t come to Broadway? That’s no problem–we’ll come to you. Available for groups of 20 or more, we’re available for everything from lunch in the office to a huge outdoor wedding where you’re getting right down at the fire light with hundreds of your favorite Outsiders.

For more information, contact our catering team: or call 629.255.0948.

Got a simple order? Place it using the link below.

Rondey Scott's BBQ plate

Turn the Quiet Up!