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This is not another Broadway bar

This is where the best come to play and the best community comes together. Wanna hit your pride, put your fist up high, feel the rush and feel alive? Chief’s is that place.

Just like every Chief show is different, every night at Chief’s is different. With different floors for different experiences, we’ve revived every square inch of the iconic Leslie Warner Building. No matter what you’re looking for on Broadway, you’ll find it here–we have a ticketed music venue, a live broadcasting studio, custom interiors, and an intentional and thoughtful focus on the very best live performances. When you’re ready for an unparalleled entertainment experience where authentic details matter, don’t just go to Broadway. Go to Chief’s.

We won’t let you go hungry, either. Our restaurant partnership with Rodney Scott’s Whole Hog BBQ means we have the first James Beard Award-winning chef on Broadway. Find some of the country’s best barbecue at Hell of a Q on our rooftop, with delicious food while overlooking downtown in a memorable setting.If the world comes knocking, tell them you’re not home.
Tell them you’re at Chief’s.

On the Record

Learn the inside stories and behind-the-scenes details of Chief’s on Broadway written by documentarian Adam Lucas.