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Frequently Asked Questions


Where is Chief's Located?

Chief’s is located at 200 Broadway, on the corner of 2nd Avenue and Broadway (main entrance on Broadway), between Two Rocks and a Hard Place (Kid Rock’s and Hard Rock Cafe). We pride ourselves on being accessible, welcoming to all, and a TN Safe Bar. If there’s anything we can do to make your Chief’s visit Solid, please let one of our staff members know. After all, we can’t do it Without You Here! For any other inquiries, please email us at– Link opens in your default email application.

We’re Ready to Turn the Quiet Up! How ‘Bout You?

What Are Chief's Hours?

Chief’s is open Early Monday Morning into the Heart of the Night. Our walk-up window opens at 8 am daily. The venue doors open at 9 am Monday through Saturday for Premium Choir Members and at 10 am on Sunday. For the public, we open 7 days a week at 10 am, and we don’t close them until 3 am the next day (last call at 2:30 am).

Still hungry? Don’t worry, it’s not Over When It’s Over, our walk-up window is open until 3 am!

Parking & Transportation

We know Chief’s is Where You Wanna Be! While we don’t have onsite parking, there are several lots within walking distance of Chief’s, and plenty of Taxis and Ride Share options available if you catch a Round Here Buzz.

Does Chief’s Have an Age Limit?

Chief’s welcomes sinners, saints, homeboys, lone wolves, friends, fans, family, and everybody else of all ages until 8 pm! After 8 pm, you will need a valid ID to join us at Chief’s. We don’t want you to be Mr. Misunderstood, so please bring a valid form of ID with you, like the following:

  • Valid Pictured State Issued Identity Card
  • Valid Pictured State Issues Driver’s License
  • Valid Military ID
  • Valid Passport with Current Photo
  • Valid State Issued Temporary ID

Is There a Cover Charge?

No need to be a Desperate Man, Chief’s is free to enter! Our Tavern and Friendly Shadows Piano Bar are almost always free and open to the public (don’t forget to tip the bar staff and performers!), though you may need a ticket to enter the Neon Steeple. Please check our Live Music page for ticketed show and event information!

Is There a Lost & Found?

If you realize you’ve lost an item while still in the building, please inquire with Security for assistance locating the item so it’s not Longer Gone. If you discover you’ve lost an item The Hard Way (after you’ve left the building), please call 629-255-0948– Link opens in your default phone application or email us at– Link opens in your default email application. Chief’s assumes no responsibility for lost items.

Do We Need Dining Reservations?

You don’t need dining reservations to join us!

For the restaurant, we serve a limited menu on the first and second floors and a full menu on the fifth floor and rooftop. We take reservations for our first seating daily at 10:30 am on the fifth floor only. All other seating is first come, first serve. If you are looking to book a group reservation of eight or more, please email– Link opens in your default email application.

For The Outsiders, we also have a walk-up window available, so don’t think You Can’t Take it With You.

Is there an ATM?

Need his Twenties and his Hundred Dollar Bills? We have ATMs available on the first and second floors.

How About Drinks?

We have a selection of beer and wine along with your favorite spirits, Mixed Drink about Feelings, and non-alcoholic beverages. Come put a Drink in Your Hand!

Do You Host Private Events?

Thinking of Holdin’ Your Own? We Make it Look so Easy because it is! Give us a bit more information about your plans and we’ll get back to you Faster Than Your Angels Can Fly!


What Is the Smoking Policy?

We may like to Smoke a Little Smoke, but by law, smoking in all areas of Chief’s is prohibited. You may smoke outside the building in designated smoking areas. Lighting of matches, lighters, or any other flammable devices is not permitted within the building, and use of these devices may result in ejection from the building.  All smoking and similar paraphernalia (including vapes, e-cigarettes and similar devices) is strictly prohibited, and that’s not a Bunch of Nothing!

What Is the Camera Policy?

We know we’re a Hell of a View, but Professional cameras with detachable or telephoto lenses are prohibited, and since we like to keep it on the Dark Side, flash photography is always prohibited. Photography during shows is at the discretion of the performer, so please don’t be Creepin’! If photography is allowed, you may bring in a digital, disposable or 35mm camera.

What Is the Bag Policy?

Durning CMA fest, June 6-9, 2024, Chief’s will be using the same bag policy as the festival:

Clear bags are required at all venues and stages. They must be clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and not exceed 12” x 12” x 6”. In addition to a clear bag, a small clutch bag or wallet 6.5” x 4.5” or smaller is allowed. Exceptions will be made for medically-necessary items.

What Items Are Prohibited at Chief's?

Prohibited items include: all weapons including firearms, Knives of New Orleans, pocket knives, oversized bags, backpacks, outside food and beverage, cans, bottles, alcohol, drugs, laser pens, utility tools, masks, (and face paint), laptops/tablets, musical instruments, video cameras, monopods, tripods, audio recording devices, selfie sticks and cameras with telephoto or zoom lenses.  Bring any of those in, and you can Kiss Her Goodbye!

Special Inquiries

Can I Book a VIP Experience?

To submit a VIP Experience inquiry, please email

Questions about Chief's Retail?

If you have questions about Chief’s retail, please email

Eric Church Residency

The Residency shows have officially sold out during the premium Church Choir Member presale.

I Have Purchased Tickets to the Residency, How Do I Get Them?

Tickets and wristbands can be picked up on the 4th floor (balcony level of The Neon Steeple at Chief’s) starting at noon on the day of the show. After 6pm, tickets must be picked up from the 2nd floor at Chief’s.

Can Someone Pick Up My Tickets for Me?

No, the ticket purchaser must present their ID and be present in order to pick up tickets.

What Time Do Doors Open Day of Show?

7 pm CST

Will There Be Retail Available for the Residency?

Yes, a Limited Edition Poster will be released each day exclusively for residency ticket holders. The limit is one poster per person, and a show wristband will be required for purchase.

All other Residency retail items will be available for purchase by all Chief’s guests.

Residency Retail Hours and Locations:

– 2 pm to 6 pm on the 4th floor
– 6 pm to 8 pm on the 2nd floor

*Only on Residency performance days

Is There Food and Beverage Service in the Venue on the Orchestra Level?

On the Orchestra level of the venue, there is a full bar and a satellite bar. There will be beverage service only.

Is There Food and Beverage Service in the Venue on the Balcony Level?

On the balcony level, there is a full bar, and you will have in-seat beverage service throughout the show. No food will be served.

Where Are the Restrooms Located if I Am Sitting on the Orchestra Level?

The closest restrooms will be located on floors two and five. However, we have restrooms in the basement and on the rooftop as well.

Where Are the Restrooms Located if I Am Sitting in the Balcony?

There are restrooms located on the balcony level.

I Have Tickets for the Orchestra Level but I Have Friends in the Balcony. Can I Go See Them?

You will only be permitted entrance to the level where your seat is located. We invite you to hang out before the show on the 2nd floor and stay after the show to enjoy all of Chief’s.

I Have Tickets for the Balcony Level but I Have Friends in the Orchestra. Can I Go See Them?

You will only be permitted entrance to the level where your seat is located. We invite you to hang out before the show on the 2nd floor and stay after the show to enjoy all of Chief’s.

Are the Shows All Ages?

Yes, the shows are all ages, however, when the show ends, anyone under 21 will need to exit Chief’s as we are 21 plus after 8 pm.

Are cameras allowed?

No, cameras will not be permitted into Neon Steeple for any Residency show.

Ticketing & Events

Where and When Can I Pick up My Will Call Tickets?

Called on by the Mistress Names Music and got tickets waiting at Will Call? Our box office is located on 2nd Avenue and open from 12 pm to 8 pm daily. That’s Where She Told Me To Go!

Is There Re-Entry?

Yes, there is re-entry once you have entered the venue for a show, however, you must have your ticket, band and ID available to show security and/or the box office team for re-entry.

Phone Free Performances + Yondr Pouches

Some performances in our ticketed music venue will be phone-free. If the performance you have purchased a ticket for is phone-free, you will be asked to lock your cell phone in a Yondr pouch before entry. Your phone will remain with you during the performance in the locked pouch.  Following the performance, our team will be ready to assist with unlocking your pouch.  Rest assured that you and all other guests will maintain possession of your devices at all times and can access them throughout the event in designated Phone Use Areas within the venue.

If you need to leave at any time during the performance to use your phone, there will be a station on the 2nd floor where your phone can be unlocked. To ensure you don’t miss a minute of the show, it is highly recommended that you make all of your last-minute phone calls and texts prior to your arrival at building entry.

Are Recording Devices Allowed?

We don’t want to sound like a Broke Record, but video cameras, tripods, recording devices, and cameras with telephoto or zoom lenses are not permitted inside Chief’s at any time. This policy is strictly enforced.  Failure to comply with this policy may result in ejection from the building.  Don’t make that part of a Record Year!

Do You Offer Refunds and Exchanges?

Chief’s has a no refund, no exchange policy on tickets for all shows and events. We recommend that you don’t play Russian Roulette and obtain tickets from unauthorized sources, as they may be stolen or counterfeit, and if so, are void, and that would be Hell on the Heart!

If a Show Is Canceled, Where/How Do I Get a Refund?

Refunds will be available at the place of purchase if a show is canceled. If you purchased your tickets in person at one of our box offices, you’ll need to return your tickets to that box office to get your refund. If you purchased your tickets online through TixR, your tickets would be refunded automatically if a show is canceled.

Are Tickets Transferable?

We know you want to let your Love Shine Down, but Eric Church Residency tickets are nontransferable, and valid ID from purchaser must be presented at check-in.

How Early Can I Line Up?

Chief’s discourages overnight queueing. After all, it might be a Cold One! It is preferred that queueing lines for this Roller Coaster Ride form no more than four hours prior to doors.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Attend a Ticketed Show at Chief’s?

You can bring your Three-Year-Old! Unless otherwise posted, shows at the venue are all ages.

At What Age Does My Child Need a Ticket?

Bad Mother Truckers 2 years and older require tickets to all events.


Assistance for Individuals With Mobility Limitations?

People requiring mobility accessible seating should call Chief’s at 629-255-0948– Link opens in your default phone application, and select the ADA ticket option online when making the ticket purchase. People with mobility disabilities who require accessible seating because of their disability include people who use wheelchairs, those who use other mobility devices, and people who cannot climb steps or walk long distances because of significant arthritis or severe respiratory, circulatory, or cardiac conditions.

Is Assistance Available for Hard of Hearing/Deaf Individuals?

Hearing Assisted individuals: Hearing assistive devices are available for use and can be obtained on-site (with checked ID) and returned after each performance. There is no charge for this service, and devices are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Deaf/Hard of Hearing individuals: ASL interpretation is available by request only. Please email– Link opens in your default email application to request interpretation, which is subject to interpreter availability, at least three weeks before an event.

Are Service Animals Allowed?

Yes, Service Animals are welcome at Chief’s. Junkyard Dogs? Alley Cats? Best leave them at home.