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Exterior of Chief's on Broadway
Exterior of Chief's on Broadway

On the Record

By Adam Lucas

On the Record is your stop for the inside stories and behind-the-scenes details of Chief’s on Broadway written by documentarian Adam Lucas.

Adam chronicled each show of the Outsiders Revival Tour for and the official tour book, ‘A Summer Under the Stars.’

What's Next

7/19/24 Casey and Tucker Beathard show

Two accomplished hitmakers played the Neon Steeple on Thursday night and reminded everyone of what Broadway still can be.

Casey and Tucker Beathard

Rock and Roll

6/9/24 residency show

Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil was in the crowd for the final night of Eric Church’s “To Beat the Devil” residency. And the rock legend saw was something he recognized immediately–something that continually made all 19 residency shows a success.

Stained glass of Jimmy Buffet, Billy Joel and Aretha Franklin

The Brand

6/8/24 residency show

The Eric Church brand is big. But part of the reason why it works is that every element of what it’s become retains the authenticity from where it began. Saturday’s residency show demonstrated why it matters.

Chief's Neon sign in Neon Steeple

After Hours

6/7/24 residency show

When Friday night’s “To Beat the Devil” residency show concluded, Eric Church was just getting started making memories. First- and second-floor Chief’s patrons went home with a late-night memory they won’t soon forget.

Friendly Shadows Bar

The Scene


It’s CMA Fest weekend in Nashville, which means the sidewalks are packed, the music is loud–and Eric Church is still blissfully ignoring all the commotion while doing things his own way inside Chief’s.

Hell of a Q Rooftop

This Town


A full day of Eric Church activities included a trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame, a 15th straight sold-out residency show at Chief’s, and a reminder that a singer who once couldn’t get a job on Broadway is now influencing the next generation trying to rule Nashville.

Neon Steeple from the second floor

In My Soul

5/21/24 residency show

Tuesday night’s Eric Church residency show provided a little bit of everything that everyone in attendance needed. And a very special post-concert meeting was a reminder of the connection between the singer and his fans.

Chief's Tavern

Friday Night

5/17/24 residency show

Broadway was being Broadway on Friday night. But Broadway is a little different inside Chief’s.

stained glass windows at Neon Steeple

Ups and Downs

5/8/24 residency show

A memorable Wednesday night at Chief’s included one of the best To Beat the Devil residency shows so far, plus two Nashville residents smoothly transitioning from stuck in an elevator to hanging out with Eric Church in the green room.

dueling pianos in Friendly Shadows

Tar Heels

5/7/24 residency show

There were 389 people inside the Neon Steeple for Eric Church’s “To Beat the Devil” residency show at Chief’s on Tuesday night. It only seemed like approximately 387 of them were from the state of North Carolina, including two very proud fans in the first row who could picture every back road on the stories he told from home.

Neon Steeple

No Spoilers


The “To Beat the Devil” residency show is best experienced without any prior hint of what’s about to happen. So there are no spoilers here. But it’s perfectly reasonable to know how it’s going to make you feel, and a quartet of Church Choir members helped explain that journey on Wednesday night.

Fiddle and Steel Neon Sign

The Silence

4/30/24 residency show

Tuesday’s sellout crowd had it all—including a moment that even Eric Church himself had never before experienced.

Stained Glass of Eric Church

The Establishment

4/29/24 residency show

Straight off a risk-taking performance at Stagecoach 2024, Eric came home to his “living room” at Chief’s for night four of his residency.

second floor decor

A Living Legacy

4/18/24 residency show

Erika Paterson’s husband and two young sons knew there was only one right way to pay tribute to her life: spend the entire day at Chief’s. Because, as her son said, “My mom never would have left here.”

Eric Church on stage at Neon Steeple

A Normal Night

4/17/24 residency show

Eric Church didn’t plan to make an appearance at the Friendly Shadows piano bar after his residency set. But after what is becoming a normal night on all six floors of Chief’s, he decided there was no other choice.

details of Chief's Tavern

Fire on a Mountain

4/7/24 residency show

A career of playing shows and nights on the road and achievements and disappointments led straight to this moment: Eric Church, sitting in a building that bears his name on the most iconic street in country music, playing songs no one has ever heard before, and 19 shows worth of tickets sold out without there ever being a public sale.

Eric Church on stage at Neon Steeple

Opening Morning

Turn the Quiet Up

A first-hand look at the opening morning of Chief’s on Broadway.

Chief's Opening Night Poster

Friends and Family

4/5/24 private opening

On Friday night, Chief’s opened to a group that included everyone from Michael Jordan to Bo Jackson to Eric Church’s longtime friends from Granite Falls. Inside an evening that began to infuse the building with some soul.

Ben Weprin, Michael Jordan, Eric Church

The Stories Behind the Stained Glass

Jesus or Bob Seger?

Spanning the second and third floors of Chief’s are 20 stained glass windows depicting some of the most impactful influences on Eric’s career. Learn a little bit more about each of the artists he chose and why.

Exterior of Chief's showing stained glass windows

A Career Road Map

The posters of Chief’s Tavern

Gig posters from nearly every show of Eric’s two-decade career paper the walls, floor and ceiling of Chief’s Tavern. In total, there are over 4,000 of them, all installed by hand on the first floor throughout March of 2024.

Chief's Tavern covered in posters

Outsiders Radio Goes Inside

Quiet Up

Not all the music at Chief’s will be found on stage. Some will be in the studio. An advance look at the first floor broadcast studio that is equipped to host regular programming for Outsiders Radio, Eric Church’s exclusive channel on SiriusXM Radio.

Microphone on stage at Chief's

For The Choir

Perks For Members

From the very first design meeting, Eric Church wanted Chief’s to be dedicated to the loyal members of the Church Choir. Numerous details in the building are designed to pay homage to them, along with multiple exclusive experiences reserved for them.

confessional booth in Neon Steeple

Rodney Scott x Eric Church

The perfect partnership

As soon as they met, Rodney Scott and Eric Church realized the way they’d learned about their chosen craft was very similar. That led to a partnership that now provides Chief’s with food from the only James Beard Award-winning chef on Broadway.

selection of items from Rodney Scott's Whole Hog BBQ

Brick By Brick

A careful renovation

It might have been easier to start from scratch on the corner of Second and Broadway. But Eric Church wanted a building with some soul. That led to a careful revitalization of one of Nashville’s historic buildings.

Eric Church and Ben Weprin

The Details

A Broadway original

When you go to Chief’s, don’t expect a normal Broadway bar. Everything about Chief’s—from the design to the original music to the subtle details—reminds you that it’s been crafted with intent from the very beginning.

Eric Church inside Chief's during renovations