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Perks For Members

For The Choir

Church Choir members may not realize it, but they’ve been helping decorate the interior of Chief’s for nearly a year.

At last summer’s Choir gathering, fans had the opportunity to sign a confessional booth. As with virtually everything else in the building, it wasn’t some recently fabricated pseudo-artifact. This particular confessional dates to the 1800s and was brought back from Europe after World War I by a United States soldier from West Tennessee.

confessional booth in Neon Steeple

So the booth — made of pine, walnut and oak — could tell some stories even before it found its second life. Now, though, it’s taken on another purpose, as Choir members signed it last summer. It can now be found in the balcony of the Neon Steeple, the performance venue inside Chief’s.

That’s one of numerous ways Chief’s is designed to pay homage to the Choir. It began even before an opening date was announced, as every Premium Choir member received deeded digital rights to one brick in the structure.

And if you’re going to perform in your new home, you obviously want family to be in attendance. That’s why only Choir members had original access to the presale for the 19-show Eric Church residency.

Church always wanted Chief’s to be open to the public. But he wanted loyal Choir members to have extra access — wanted Friday night soldiers to be able to be every night soldiers. After all, they’ve earned it with the way they’ve supported him from the smallest shows nearly two decades ago to stadium performances in recent years. So they have the opportunity to sign up for behind-the-scenes Choir Coffee tours, a chance to soak in every detail and hear exclusive stories without the typical nighttime crowds — plus receive a gift only available to tour attendees.

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As part of that tour, they’ll be able to leave photos of themselves on the Choir Family wall on the building’s second floor. Every home has that one area where the craziest or most touching photos are posted — maybe it’s your fridge, maybe it’s that one corner of the den. At Chief’s, it’s in the corner of Friendly Shadows, and it’s reserved for Choir members.

You don’t have to be a Church Choir member to enjoy Chief’s. But if you are, you’ve never felt more at home than you will at the corner of 2nd and Broadway.

Get More on the Record

spread of food at Rodney Scott's Whole Hog BBQ


Rodney Scott x Eric Church

As soon as they met, Rodney Scott and Eric Church realized the way they’d learned about their chosen craft was very similar. That led to a partnership that now provides Chief’s with food from the only James Beard Award-winning chef on Broadway.

Ben Weprin and Eric Church walking through Chief's


Brick By Brick

It might have been easier to start from scratch on the corner of Second and Broadway. But Eric Church wanted a building with some soul. That led to a careful revitalization of one of Nashville’s historic buildings.

Eric Church in Chief's under construction


The Details

When you go to Chief’s, don’t expect a normal Broadway bar. Everything about Chief’s—from the design to the original music to the subtle details—reminds you that it’s been crafted with intent from the very beginning.