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Abbie Ferris

June 7, 202410:00 AM - 10:25 AM

Abbie Ferris never stops looking for more – more passion, more honesty and more life to live. Since friendship troubles inspired her first song at age eleven, music has always been her outlet – her unfiltered diary and her dream journal. Listening to her songs is like riding shotgun with your coolest friend – the head-turning life of the party, who you can also ugly cry with and confess your deepest fears and heartbreaks to.

Growing up idolising generations of hard-working, glamorous yet down to earth country queens from Shania to Taylor and beyond, Abbie took a handful of music lessons and built her chops as a songwriter, guitarist, piano player and singer. Performances at school concerts led to open mics to pub gigs in her South Australian small town, winning over crowds with cheeky charisma and the soulful sincerity of her vocals, enroute to the biggest festival stages in Australia.

A proudly independent artist, Abbie has released a succession of acclaimed singles, developing her own distinctive sound – fusing country and pop, flavored with ear-worm instrumental hooks and infectious basslines. With every release she pushes herself to a further evolution of her sound and songwriting, more than ever on her new single “Shut Up and Kiss Me”, a sultry country-rock missile of jealousy and lust, inspired by real life relationship turmoil and written on her first ever visit to Nashville late last year with Aussie ex-pat Troy Kemp.

“Every song I write I learn a lesson about who I am” she says. “I find a strength I didn’t know I had, or I realise what is holding me back in life or what I’m really looking for out there. I hope it unlocks that in people listening – whether it’s giving yourself the confidence to strut your stuff or break away from someone taking you for granted; or the courage confront what scares and hurts you the most”.

After raising the roof at CMC Rocks QLD in March, where she road test some new material to rapturous reception, Abbie is set to return to Nashville to finish writing her new EP, set for release later this year via Potts Entertainment. A small town girl whose dreams seem set to take her around the world, Abbie is fiercely proud of her country roots and her childhood doting on horses, but is determined to prove that being from a small town doesn’t mean you have to have small dreams.

“I want to take my music everywhere, and show the world that a small town South Australian girl can grow up to be a woman who makes a big impact on people’s hearts in places I couldn’t have imagined when I was a kid. My parents raised me to trust my heart and do what feels right, and when I connect with people through a song – whether it’s in a co-write, in the studio, on a festival stage – it’s like I’m back riding a horse in a paddock where all you see is horizon, and everything else in life melts away. That’s what I’m always chasing with my music”.

Abbie Ferris