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Kiely Connell

April 9 - July 31, 2024Every Thursday2:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Kiely Connell

Kiely Connell is a Nashville transplant with rustbelt roots. Hailing from Hammond, Indiana, just four houses down from the Illinois state line, Kiely draws inspiration from the hardworking people of her native Midwest community. As one of her peers put it: “Kiely’s songs walk a tightrope, planting each step equally with both the grace at the heart of folk music and the steadfast confidence of an experienced rock and roll soul.” Kiely’s powerful four-octave range will take you on a journey that transcends the ordinary.

In a time when most country and Americana artists are forging a similar path, Kiely takes fans on a different journey to unknown places — sonically, and emotionally. She writes songs that have a gothic country aesthetic- a blend of somber poetry and western melodies delivered with her rich and brooding voice.

Her voice merges gritty blues with an ethereal upper register, leaving audiences comparing her to the likes of Patsy Cline, Joan Baez, and Joni Mitchell. Kiely’s incomparable voice and her poetic storytelling truly make her an Americana artist to watch.

“Kiely Connell may be a newcomer now, but based on this striking recording, she won’t be for long.” – Holler

“Kiely Connell and Calumet Queen constitute a remarkable and auspicious debut that you can see initiating a strong musical legacy as it unfolds into the future.” – Saving Country Music