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Welcometo Chief's

Committed to creating a place rooted in integrity and authenticity, with real soul and commitment, Eric Church intimately guided the design of Chief’s on Broadway. Through meticulously conceived design details, the six floors of 200 Broadway act as immersive storytelling vessels that chronicle Church’s ever-evolving career.

Elements such as bespoke stained-glass windows, custom wallcoverings, vintage relics, and reclaimed objects, were woven together to tell the story of a young kid who came to Nashville with musical aspirations, relentless grit, and determination.

Chief's Tavern
Exterior of Chief's on Broadway
Hell of a Q Rooftop
Chief's Tavern bar
Chief's Tavern food sampling
Chief's Tavern stage
Chief's Tavern VIP area
Friendly Shadows Dueling Pianos
Friendly Shadows Bar
Friendly Shadows Bar
Neon Steeple stage
Neon Steeple
Neon Steeple
Neon Steeple stained glass windows
Neon Steeple upstairs bar
Neon Steeple confessional