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Quiet Up

Outsiders Radio Goes Inside

Not all the music at Chief’s will be found on stage. Some will be in the studio.

On the building’s first floor, Chief’s will feature a broadcast studio equipped to host regular programming for Outsiders Radio, Eric Church’s exclusive channel on SiriusXM Radio.

It’s still too early to list an exact program schedule. But it’s fair to expect that some of listeners’ favorite shows from the channel, including Insiders Hour and A Song to Sing, might eventually originate from the studio. It’s also not out of the realm of possibility that Church himself might occasionally host his monthly show from the space. The same way that you never know for sure who might show up on stage at Chief’s, there’s always a chance the “QUIET UP” light that indicates the studio is on air could be featuring someone very unexpected.

And if you attended the Outsiders Revival Tour this summer, you already know that Outsiders Radio was responsible for programming a lively pre-show playlist. They could eventually be incorporated in a similar way before Church’s recently announced 19 residency shows.

The options are numerous, and are still being considered. That’s the beauty of having a studio in the building. The expected needs it fulfills now could eventually be very different than the role it plays in the future, and that’s OK. What’s important is that the possibilities exist.

In addition to the studio, Outsiders Radio is interwoven with the rest of the fabric of Chief’s. The stained glass windows on the upper floors portray nearly two dozen of Church’s musical influences. Outsiders Radio very intentionally plays music from every single one of those artists. If you don’t already have SiriusXM, it’s not too difficult to imagine how the channel might sound; just let your eyes slide down the windows and think of the favorite songs that come to mind.

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